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Getting Married at Lord Street West United Church, Southport

We are pleased that you are considering getting married at Lord Street West United Church. 

Before we can have any conversations regarding a wedding you must be legally free to marry.  This means that if you have been married before you must have received a Decree Absolute.  No arrangements can be discussed until this has happened.

All weddings are arranged with the Minister at Lord Street West.  The request must come from the couple wishing to get married, not from other people such as parents.  To make a booking for a wedding you need to have an interview with the Minister, at which you are both present.  Subject to the outcome of this interview, you will be informed whether the Wedding can be arranged for you.  To confirm the booking you must then, within 21 days, pay the non-returnable deposit of £100 (by cheque to “Lord Street West United Church”).  The Wedding is only booked when you have had an interview with the Minister and paid a deposit, if the deposit is not paid within 14 days the wedding is not booked and the date and time slot will become available to another couple.  The balance of the fees for the wedding must be paid in cash by the time of your wedding rehearsal at the latest.  The total fees are £550.  These fees include organist and flowers.  Any enquiries about flowers should be made to Mrs Sue Yelland (Tel. 01704 229 765), allowing reasonable time (minimum 14 days) for her to make arrangements.  Unfortunately we cannot allow family members or outside florists to arrange flowers in the Church.

You are responsible for making the preliminary legal arrangements for your marriage.  These arrangements should be made during the 12 months before your marriage.  At least one of you must reside in the Sefton North registration district and be able to produce documentary evidence of this to the satisfaction of the Registrar.  You will need to make an appointment with the Registrar at Southport Town Hall and say that you wish to be married by an Authorised Person at “Lord Street West United Church”.  28 days later a Certificate will be issued for each of you; these are the authority for your marriage to take place.  Two Certificates are required – one from each of you.  If one of you lives outside the Sefton North registration district then you will also need to make arrangements with your local Registrar. Without the Certificates you cannot be married at Lord Street West Church.  You must plan ahead so that these Certificates are issued 6 weeks before the wedding Service at the latest.  This means that you must make your initial appointment with the Registrar at least 10 weeks before the wedding day.  It is best to make it as soon as legally possible (ie. as early as possible during the 12 months before the date of the Wedding).

Lord Street West Church is a joint Methodist and United Reformed Church. Your wedding will be conducted by a Methodist or a United Reformed Church Minister.  Normally this will be the current Minister at Lord Street West but it may be another Methodist or United Reformed Church Minister. 

You will be invited to meet again with the Minister taking the Service during the period leading up to your Wedding.  There will be the opportunity to discuss the order of service and your choice of things such as Bible readings, hymns and other music for the service.  The Minister will also want to discuss issues relating to preparation for marriage and to offer you help and support at this important time in your lives.

Within the week or two before your wedding, the Minister taking the service will arrange a rehearsal when bride and groom, best man, leading bridesmaid and the person presenting the bride (often the bride’s father) need to be present.  The rehearsal gives the opportunity for those involved to feel comfortable in the building and be aware of their part in the Service.  It is also the final opportunity for paying of fees and giving Certificates to the Minister.Your official photographer is welcome to attend the Wedding Rehearsal, especially if they have not been involved in a Wedding at this church before.  If you decide to have an official video made of the ceremony it would be useful for the video person to attend the rehearsal.  Please note that we do not allow flash photography during the ceremony or the use of video cameras by anybody other than the person officially appointed by you.

If at any stage and for any reason you decide to cancel or postpone your Wedding it is essential that you let us know in writing as soon as possible.  This saves inconvenience for all involved and may free up the date for another couple.  In some circumstances it may be possible for us to transfer your deposit to a new date.  It is also vital that you inform us if you change address or telephone number – so that we can keep in touch with you about arrangements that may affect your Wedding.  A landline contact telephone number must be provided.

You are invited to attend Sunday Worship at Lord Street West United Church.  This takes place at 10.45 am each week.  On the Sunday before your Wedding your names will be mentioned in the Service.  We hope that after your wedding you will continue to value your link with our Church and we will look forward to keeping in touch with you and your family in the future.  On behalf of the Minister and congregation at Lord Street West we wish you well in your preparations for your wedding.  If we can be of any further help or support, please feel free to get in touch.

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